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Sky's focus on selected industry sectors means customers benefit from working with specialists - not just in logistics, but also in their particular marketplace.

About us

Sky International takes pride for being a home-grown courier service company which has more than 18 years of history. Sky International is recognized being a pioneer in the introduction of bar-coded consignment notes, infusing the latest Information Technology to its own purpose-built head office with warehousing facilities. This clearly gives an indication of the vision of the entire Sky International Company.

Sky International is the only Ahmedabad based courier company that spreads its wings to the international front. The Company has position itself as a regional courier service provider.
In recognition of Sky International reliability and quality of service, the company having  IATA  Certificate.

With Sky International own in-house developed on-line tracking system, customers are able to track their respective shipments in real time, 24 hours a day from the comfort of their homes and offices. All the above underline Sky International commitment for service quality excellence and reliability in the courier service industry for international.